3rd Year


What is it about time that makes it so relative? Why a specific time of despair seems to drag on, but it whizzes by when you’re having fun.

This has been a question I’ve asked myself at least once a week since starting University. I’ve been looking forward to an event, throughly enjoyed it, and I’ve forgotten all about it the next week because it seemed to happen ages ago.

And it’s not just events – it’s conversations, time spent with friends, the emotional and mental ups and downs in my life. Some things that affected me so much and were the most important to me at that moment are forgotten, lost in the busy blur of the days.

And while I’m relieved I don’t remember much of the bad days, I feel absolutely dreadful about the ones that were the highlights.  Yeah, this has been the case for the last 3 years, but I feel it more so now, when there’s just been so much happening in my life with only a few short months left of University.

Or maybe I’m just lamenting.


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