3rd Year


3rd Year is a whirlwind.

After the Workshop, I was still yet to complete my summer project, and appear for the entrance test for graduate school in the States. With that done and dusted, my flatmate and I caught our plane to Alicante, Spain.

We’d been planning the trip since June, and in the last week of September, just before the start of Uni, we had a fabulous getaway in the balmy country. They had their seasonal market up by the Plaza, and we fully immersed ourselves in the strictly Spanish culture in the 4 days that we were there. We visited the Castle of Santa Barbara, took a trip to Benidorm just to visit the beach, ate paella, got lost while going to the neighbouring city of Elche for its Pine Tree Forest, had Horchata, went shopping, explored the alleys of Alicante, visited a cathedral, witnessed a Spanish wedding and a baptism, had Sangria, Spanish Champagne – basically ate and drank a lot of new things. It was an absolutely amazing experience.

Back to the cold weather, and reality, the year started off pretty easy. But 2 weeks in, we’d already started assignments counting for 20-70% of the modules. Right now, I’ve got 2 weeks of this Semester left, and 3 submissions due and I just finished 2 last week. I’ve been in a state of complete exhaustion for the past month, and forever feeling that there’s too much to do, with very limited time. And the days are flying by – I’ve only got 6 more months of University left.

Everything I’d done for my summer project culminated at the Research Poster Exhibition evening, where I secured a Commendation Award for my poster, out of the total 111 participants. Displaying my work at the internal Medical Faculty poster competition also won me Second Place out of the 40 students, and an Amazon Gift Card. This project has been the highlight in terms of academics at University, and I feel so satisfied about it all.

On the social front, as Vice President, everything has been going very smoothly. Our first big night out event was a bigger than expected blast, considering the name of the event was Blast. It was supposed to set the tone of our events for the rest of the year, and by God, did it. Everyone who attended loved it, and those who didn’t, regretted not coming.

A month from Blast, all our of planning for the Diwali Ball came to fruition, with everything going as we’d hoped it would. Of course there were bumps along the night, but I thrived off the rush of running everything on the floor – being in charge of the food service, and just generally making sure everyone was content on the floor. There was a lot of running around in my heels, but I didn’t mind it in the slightest. The whole thing went swimmingly, and the guests told us that this was the best Ball we’d had in all the years that they’d been there. The satisfaction of just that was enough for the 6 months of planning that we had put in. We even got an article published in the Uni newspaper, with me as the spokesperson on behalf of the committee.

With a 4 day extended weekend which I spent in Manchester, I can’t wait to go home in 2 weeks. I don’t know how I kept sane when I didn’t go home for the entire year, last year. Just 15 more days.


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