Summer 2016


The Genetics Society Summer Workshop ( #gsssw2016 ) was absolutely amazing.


Everyone present had some novel research to present, and it was 2 days full of mostly genetics talk.

We had our individual presentations, team debates, and a few guest lectures. All in all, a great, stimulative event.

But most of all, the company present there was brilliant. The people I met, other fellow students who’d received the grant, were the highlight. We were all from different Universities, with a different perspective of science, and life, which made the evening dinners and trips to the pub after much more interesting.

It was extremely difficult for me to grasp that we’d all been together for a grand total of 2 days – it felt like at least a week, because of the amount of time we all spent together. We even scaled Arthur’s Seat on the morning after the workshop, even though we’d been up talking – yet to go to sleep, just 4 hours ago.

View from Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh.

It was with a swirling of emotions that I departed Edinburgh on train that day, heading back home. We’ve pinky-promised to go hiking in the near future, I really hope we all manage to stick to that promise.

On the other hand, I’ve successfully posted 500 photos on Instagram today, with my 500th getting 50 likes. 😛



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