Summer 2016 · University


I successfully did one entire immunohistochemistry procedure on my own. I thought I messed up so many times along the way, but the results were what we were expecting to see, so I was extremely happy. I just need to develop my finesse at it, and I’ll be good to go.

I’ve been feeling amazing after completing my gym routine. I’ve decided that total body + cardio + abs every session is the way to go for me. 4 upper body, 3 lower body, 30 minutes of cardio and to finish off, some crunches. The feeling of absolute satisfaction is new, in regards of exercising. I think this time it’s definitely different, and I’m more positive about the whole thing because I’ve been the one to initiate the whole thing, because I want to do it, not because someone’s forcing me to (my dad), or because I have to.

Me and one of my friends who’s here for the summer, doing a research project as well, have decided to get together for a meal every Saturday. Last Saturday it was this amazing Italian restaurant, and today we had Japanese. Every week  we’ve decided to try out a new cuisine,  expanding our palette and our knowledge of this little city we call home.

I’m so excited to start my journal from Monday – the 1st of August. I went on a little shopping trip today and  bought a pack of thin, blank moleskin notebooks, and a set of coloured felt pens. I’ve always loved to plan, and now I can do it in a whole new way.



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