Research Project · Summer 2016

Lab Time!

So, the day before, after lunch, I was allowed to look at sections of an embryo on slides, and then capture images of those which were showing regions of the gut.

Yesterday I made up some stock solutions of the buffers that I’m going to be using in my procedure.

And today, I completed the first part of the Immunohistochemistry procedure! I’m working on live tissue, and without going into too much detail about how the whole thing works, I’m looking at the regions on the sections where two proteins are expressed. This is just to get me familiar with the technique, because the actual gene that I’m doing this for – the antibodies haven’t arrived yet. I’ve kept the slides stained to detect the presence of the protein to incubate overnight, and tomorrow, I’ll be able to see the stained regions and localise the area where the proteins have been expressed specifically.

Back to healthy eating, I had an amazing lunch of mushrooms with feta cheese, smoked salmon slices on rye biscuits, and some yoghurt.

While browsing Facebook yesterday, I came across this thing called as Bullet Journaling. And it’s opened up a whole new way of organising and planning for me. It’s basically a journal, a diary and a to-do list all in one. I never thought all of things could go together in one space, but they can! I’ve been really liking writing down what I eat everyday, keeping it as a record of how healthy I’m being. The next immediate thing on my list is to get a diary to start my Bullet Journal, so that I can note and record things I have to d, or things I did, and little stuff I found interesting throughout the day. I’m gonna go buy one tomorrow.

I’ll be going for lower body today at the gym , with abs and cardio. I haven’t been studying much this week, which isn’t good at all. The GRE Exam is in mid-September and I have to be ready.



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