Research Project · Summer 2016 · University


Okay, so I’m writing as I said I would, at lunch time.

So far so good.

I had a long cooking sesh yesterday,  making and chilling food for the whole week. I made turkey strips in soy sauce, turkey with lemon and garlic seasoning,  rice, mushrooms, and some mushrooms and asparagus in white sauce. And I had a pork fillet tortilla wrap with some salad. Basically, a LOT of food.


I had a health and safety induction today, and I’ve still only been as far as the prep room for the pipetting induction. I really want to get in the lab and start working. I’ve been painting the gut in a 46 days-post-conception embryo on the computer (which led to severe cramps in the my hand last week), but nothing much other than that. Just sitting at the desk, painting.
A girl from a neighbouring lab in the building had come into the office today, mentioning that she’d got a fellowship after 14 years as a Postdoc. 14 years. I mean, I’ve never actually given a thought about what I’d have as my job title, as I’ll basically be working in a lab, career long.
I’m gonna start my gym routine today, going for upper body, abs, and cardio. I’m really excited, cause the gym is amazing.
Lunch break’s over now. Hopefully I do something more interesting this afternoon.


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