Summer 2016 · University


I successfully did one entire immunohistochemistry procedure on my own. I thought I messed up so many times along the way, but the results were what we were expecting to see, so I was extremely happy. I just need to develop my finesse at it, and I’ll be good to go. I’ve been feeling amazing… Continue reading Goals

Research Project · Summer 2016

Lab Time!

So, the day before, after lunch, I was allowed to look at sections of an embryo on slides, and then capture images of those which were showing regions of the gut. Yesterday I made up some stock solutions of the buffers that I’m going to be using in my procedure. And today, I completed the… Continue reading Lab Time!

Research Project · Summer 2016 · University


Okay, so I’m writing as I said I would, at lunch time. So far so good. I had a long cooking sesh yesterday,  making and chilling food for the whole week. I made turkey strips in soy sauce, turkey with lemon and garlic seasoning,  rice, mushrooms, and some mushrooms and asparagus in white sauce. And… Continue reading Lunching

Summer 2016

Le été

Yeah, so. Hehe. It’s been a while. BUT, I’ve made a firm to decision to blog everyday at my lunch break. Huzzah! Second Year has been completed, with pretty okay marks, according to standard. But obviously, not my standard, so disappointment (and maybe a bit of crying) ensued after their release. But, on the plus… Continue reading Le été