So, I’m back at my usual routine of finishing one assignment after the other. However, particularly now, it seems like it’s just not ending – there’s always one thing after the other going on.

Canada was gorgeous, and it was so good seeing family after so long. Did a lot of shopping, and a lot of eating, and also quite a bit of studying. It was stuff I didn’t mind studying, but still, you kinda just want to enjoy your holidays without having the constant thought of having and completing 5 assignments. 😛

The first weekend back, we had a night out to celebrate my birthday – which really took place on a snowy day in Canada (My first snowy birthday!). It was quite a lot of fun, especially the fact that everyone actually came to the club I wanted to go. It’s always a hit or miss after getting out of he house where you actually end up.

The subsequent week we celebrated another April birthday by going bowling. I wasn’t the worst – second to – so I was glad about that. I dared one of my friends to sneak one of the cute glasses of water they had in her bag,  and even though she disagreed at first, she showed it off as a trophy when we left the place, and were a distance away.

A few days after that, my friends got me out of the house, and filled my room with balloons and surprised me with cake when I got back. That was amazing. And I got a stuffed Siberian Husky, a necklace with a pendant shaped in the form of DNA, and a top which I would definitely buy for myself. It’s things like this that reaffirm that I have some really great friends who know me well. Besides those, I got a pair of headphones (which I was considering buying) a bit of jewellery/makeup, a glasses case, a bottle of wine, and a few bits and bobs.

I’m officially in my 20’s. Nice.

French is going well, but now it feels more like routine, rather than fun. I’m not particularly motivated to go anymore, but in the end I know I really want to learn the language. My course is going well, exams are near, and I can’t wait to go home. 9 months away from home is a long time.

I’m thinking of having a schedule to blog every week, and I even gave a thought to start making videos again, but I’m not sure. Oh, how fickle my mind can be.


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