51% Complete

So, clearly, I’m not great at updating regularly.

I finished my first semester exams of 2nd year a few weeks back. I got my results a few days ago, and I managed to score a First (Yay!). I’ve officially now got less than half of my degree left to complete. Genetics has a total of 21 students, which is awesome, like having your own private tuition class.

A recap of 1st semester would be Freshers’ Crew,  a lot of night outs – incidentally with us always ending up in this one club; society stuff – we had quite a few successful events; the first snow of the season (21st November), learning to make curry, and of course, a lot of drama. The funny thing is, stuff that seemed like an absolute big deal at that moment, didn’t even matter or could be remembered by me in about 2 weeks time. Just goes to say how quickly time passes when you’re constantly busy and loving every second of it.

I also took extra credit French, and I’m continuing with it this semester as well. Turns out, I’m good at it, and I love learning this melodic language.

I went to one of my best friend’s house for Christmas, and it was so amazing. Christmas Day itself was magical, and I consider her parents and siblings as extended family now. For New Years’, I went up to Manchester to my family friends’ place, which was, as always, homely.

I’ve been feeling a bit homesick for the last few days, which I think was mostly brought on by my housemate’s mom visiting, and my friend’s family coming up. But, I’ll be in Canada in 3 weeks, and I cannot wait.

Friendships have been reevaluated again, and the new ones I’ve made, and the existing ones I still have, are stronger than ever. I’ve had my ups and downs with a particular few, but we couldn’t be better. I’m going to miss going over, and meeting them whenever I can, once Uni ends. Which is why I try and don’t think of that.

The next few weeks have quite a lot going on, so, hopefully, I’ll update before Easter Break begins.


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