Fresher’s: Done

First year is over.

My first ever year of University is done.

I can’t even believe it. The time has flown by so quick, so quick, that I really cannot believe it.

After my 1st Semester exams, we had two months of teaching, which I honestly can’t remember, because the time I was spending out of the lecture theatres was a bit more interesting than the usual. Honestly, all that I’ve done has been new and amazing and gah, but this one was just a tad more special. At the end of February, I visited York as part of the University’s one day trips with some friends. Extremely historic, and beautiful, it is a quaint, little city, and we walked around and discovered it as much as we could.

We broke up for Easter Break in mid-March, and in that one month, I travelled to London with two of my friends, and we had a wonderful time. We did all the touristy stuff – visiting the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, The London Dungeon. Kensington Palace was so beautiful, and the Big Ben was my favourite. I took so many photos of that clock tower, it’s ridiculous. We went on a London by night bus tour, and saw the city in all of its lit glory. We went down to the London Bridge, saw the Tower Bridge, and walked along Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. We were pros at travelling by the London tube, after only 3 days. And we ate a lot of Italian. One of my friends turned 19 in those 3 days, and what better way to spend your birthday than in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

I also spent a week with one of my best friends, at her place in Great Yarmouth, near Norwich. It was a week spent relaxing and de-stressing, playing poker, and watching Frasier. Her dad owns a cafe, so we were always eating something or the other, mostly cake, though. The beach was a 15 minute walk from her place, and the city centre was just a minute through an alleyway. We went to Norwich for a day, and visited the cathedral and just walked around. We also went to her old choir’s show, and it was mesmerising. It was exactly what we needed, which was basically eating and lazying around.

Shortly coming back from London, I celebrated my 19th birthday with my friends who had stayed in Newcastle for the break. We firstly had cake at my favourite bakery in the city, visited the Newcastle Castle, played glow Ping Pong, and had burgers for dinner. It was a day I won’t forget. Once everyone was back, I had a surprise birthday party, which was actually a surprise to me. A first. 😀

The year I have had when I was 18, was the best one yet, without doubt. I did so much, and I discovered so much about myself, which sounds like a cliché, but yeah. Best year ever.

Just the next week, spring began, with the sun shining with full force, flowers blooming, and it was lovely. Term started, and we had a month of lectures, a week’s break and the Semester 2 exams commenced.

And now, here I am, back in Manchester for a few days, with first year officially done and behind me. I go back to Newcastle tomorrow, and I’ll be back in India on Sunday.

When the last time, I was eager to go home, this time I’m going to miss my little city a lot, and I can’t wait to be back in September, to start a whole new chapter, again.


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