Exams done and behind me, and a First Class in every module, I’m feeling okay.

Just 3 weeks into term, and now, more than ever, I realise that how every single day, every small inconsequential decision I make, is changing and moulding the path I’m walking on. There are some small dents, but, more often than not, at regular intervals, there are beautiful sprawling flowers.

The memories I’m making in this place are truly incredible, ones I’m definitely going to cherish even 20 years down the line. The friends I’ve made, the new ones I’m making, are remarkably changing the way I’m looking at the world, and I love seeing it in new angles.

Moving from the heavy introspection I’m doing, I had a lovely shopping spree with one of my new best friends the other day. It was an amazing girly day, one which I enjoyed a lot. I haven’t had one of those in such a long time. Just the two of us talking makeup, clothes, gifts, the usual.

And, while Fridays the 13th haven’t ever been particularly eventful for me, this one just broke all bounds. I’ve never looked at them as everyone inauspiciously does, but now, I don’t think I ever will. I have plentiful happy and content memories to match this day and date, which, I know will always bring a smile to my face.

I’ve already planned to go for a day trip to York in the coming weeks, and London in Easter. So much is happening, and so fast, but I’m relishing every moment of it.


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