It’s a lovely day out today.

Right after I had my morning tea, (Yeah, I drink tea now. A lot!) I headed over to the city centre to do a bit of essential shopping. First stop was Tesco’s, and then I popped into Wilko and Superdrug for a bit, and then bought a pillow from Primark. I’ve wanted to get one for ages.

I haven’t left the flat since I came on Monday, and it was refreshing to get out. It’s still a nice, crisp morning, even though it’s 2 o’ clock in the afternoon. Sadly, the sun sets at 3 something pm today, but, oh well, I made the most of it.
The heating had been off for 2 days, and the hot water for 1. Thank God, it got fixed! 
Exams start next week, but I don’t feel like studying. I’ve gotten almost everything done for my first paper, but I’m putting off the rest. I don’t know. 
Also, I cut off my ties with my supposedly best friend from home, who didn’t even bother to come see me in the 2 weeks I was there. Sigh.

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