I’m just being lazy, not updating my blog.

I went home for two weeks for Christmas, and now I’m back, with no plan how to spend New Year’s Eve. Hmm, sad.

There are still a few international students here with me, so thankfully, I’m not all alone.

I honestly don’t know what to write about.

Oh, I reread the book I started in Summer when I was home, and to my surprise, I loved reading it with fresh eyes. True, there are changes to be made, but the basic outline is still working.

We had our Annual Barbecue at home, and I got a new phone. And new clothes. And half of my bag was packed with food. Go figure.

Before leaving, our flat had a little Christmas Dinner, which was so much fun. With Christmas songs playing in the background, it truly felt like the cheery, warm atmosphere I see in movies.

I’ll start studying for my exams for tomorrow, but for now, I’m just going to eat a bit, watch a movie and go to sleep.  Major sleep deprivation.


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