I’m looking for houses/apartments to rent for next year. Already. Me, and the other girls I’m going to be living with, which I’m still not sure how many of them are there, have to finalise everything and get a deposit down before I go home for Christmas.

When I think about it, I’m like WHAT.

I mean, seriously? The first semester’s not even over yet, and we have to decide the place, the people, the neighbourhood we’re going to be living in for the next academic year. In September. 2015!


I was just in a town near Manchester for the weekend, visiting family friends. It was just what I needed. I wasn’t feeling it, but I was going just a bit crazy, not really knowing and talking to people from home, and living how I did. The weekend of Indian food, Hindi songs and just the overall culture in the house put me back on track and where my focus was shifting, it came right back. It was so much fun. And I travelled alone, all by myself, for the first time! By rail! I missed the last connection because my earlier train got delayed, but I sorted it all out calmly. I can’t believe I didn’t freak out, and actually manage to get there, and back to Newcastle. I’m kind of proud of myself. 😛

What’s more?

Oh, my flat’s planned a Christmas dinner kind of thing this weekend, and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m almost done with the shopping for the people back home, and now I’m just counting down the days till I get back. Only a week and a half!

Zoella published her book, and it’s broke the record for copies sold of a debut novel. It was around this time last year that I started watching her videos obsessively, and I loved her back then. While this year has been huge for her, and she’s still kind of the same person, her life isn’t normal anymore. She’s not just the regular girl that I loved watching. She’s now the shy, unpopular protagonist of a book, who becomes popular, gets a loving boyfriend, and starts living and loving. She’s not the average girl you hope to find in all those book you read, hoping that maybe, this time, she’s just normal. Like me. Like the rest of us girls who stick their nose in a book, just hoping. No, she’s not that anymore.

You are the sum total of your experiences. This was a line in a movie I recently watched. I need to have more experiences, I need to get out there more. Writing a book is always going to be on my bucket list, and for that, I need to find more new things to do, and have more experiences. That’s how I’ll grow. As a person, and as an individual. While cliché, it’s true.

The tangent I went off in is so clear that I can even see where the line is touching the circle at that one point.


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