Where I didn’t have anything to do two months prior, and was whiling away my time doing essentially nothing, now, I have so much to do and so little time!

My first scientific essay is due in two weeks. We have at least two submissions per week, but it feels good to be actually doing something. Cooking isn’t much of an issue now, but sometimes, I just say nah, and buy a sandwich. 
It’s mostly just a repeat of going to lectures and attending practicals, but on Tuesdays I have A Capella. I did join the society, and while it is going good, I don’t enjoy as much I thought I would. Which was a huge disappointment. But, eh,  I don’t have anything to do on Tuesday evenings, so I’m not much bothered. 
On Thursdays I have Chess Soc, where I get to play two or three games every session. Getting back into playing the game has been one of the most relaxing things since I got here, because it’s so familiar. Every piece has it’s own moves, and you just think about your next move, your possible plays and strategies, and there’s no fanfare. Calm and collected.
Besides that, I paid my first instalment of rent, which is another first. Of course, I didn’t pay it per se, but I’m managing my own bank account, so yeah, kinda.
The weather’s getting progressively colder, and I’m always bundled up, sometimes with two sweaters on. I bought the most cosy blanket from Primark which has snow flakes on it, and it’s super warm! I’ve been doing a fair bit of shopping at that shop. I can honestly say that it’s one of my favourite ones. Oh, and Lush Cosmetics. It smells incredible in there. I got my sister a little something, too. And, Marks and Spencers here is a department store, with their own food section and everything. And, I’ve been to Starbucks twice, and now, they’ve already decked up for Christmas.
I also had so much fun on Halloween! I went as a Vampire Princess, and my friends and I got ready before heading to a club, and had a mini party of our own. It was really good.
I also bought the Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion from Zoe’s Zoella Beauty range. It’s really strange that I’m living in the same country as her now!
And while it does get a little lonely sometimes, cooking your own food and staying in your room the whole time, I’m managing pretty well. The library is two minutes away, and is fantastic. One of my happy places.
Oh, and also, now I go to sleep after 11, always. Mostly 11.30. So much has changed. I’ve even got an accent, according to my cousin, and friends back home. I’m already looking for properties for rent for next year. It’s crazy the things I’m doing here. Sometimes I think what exactly it is that I’m doing halfway across the globe, and that I’m surely out of my mind.
We’ve got practice exams starting this week, and I’m visiting family friends later in the month, and my flight back home is in 37 days. While I love it that I’m here, I also can’t wait to go back. 
36 days now. It’s 12.08am.

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