It’s Been Real

So, it’s officially been a month and 3 days since I’ve been a resident of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. And while, it’s taken a bit of time to adjust, I’ve managed to get settled in.

First and foremost, my room is really nice. I expected it to be smaller and crowded, but I’ve got tons of space and storage. It’s got a green theme. Light pista coloured walls, green carpet, green chair cushion, green bedding and a green bulletin board. Shades of green, everywhere. And the tree outside my window is green, too. But, honestly, I really like it.

My flatmates are all British, and while we don’t talk a lot, everyone’s polite and friendly, and I couldn’t be happier.

The Medical School is literally a 2 minute walk away from my flat, and it’s so convenient. My lectures have been going on well, and we just had our first Genetics practical last week. I complete the experiment tomorrow. Going to see if the bacteria I grew, survived. Hopefully, they have. While there’s no real workload as of yet, we still have to go over lecture slides because a lot of material is covered in 1 hour lectures. And, we have an average of 3 per day. But, for me, Monday is a 9 to 5 day. With practicals and lectures. I’m enjoying them very much, and the professors are really good, too. And happy to help.

I joined the A Capella Society, the Chess Soc, The BioSci Society and the Hindu Soc. So, I’ve got social activities on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I’ve also made quite a lot of friends, and it’s amazing that they all share the same passion that I do. And we get along really well. I end up going out with people from my course who live in the other blocks. I’ve met so many people, it’s crazy.

I’ve also been going out into the toon on Friday and Saturday evenings, which has been a whole other experience. Talk about major culture shock. But, I’m adapting, and it’s going well.

The city is gorgeous, with everything just a walk away. Cooking and going grocery shopping is still in it’s initial stage, though I’m improving at both every time.

Change and adjustment is a part of life, and while it may be difficult, it’s something you get used to, after a while. My home, essentially, for the next three years, and I really like it.


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