The Countdown Begins

So, it’s only ten days till my life is going to take a radical turn. A new continent, a new culture, and a new time-zone.

I finally found one flatmate, but the others are still yet to make their presence known.

The Freshers’ Week Activities are in, and there’s stuff like laser tag, paintball, ice-skating, trips to the football stadium, and the beach, which I will definitely be participating in.

International Welcome Week is a for few days before that, and it still isn’t sinking in completely.

The last few errands are remaining, and that’s it.

I met my college friends last week for a little farewell party, and my school friends are gathering for one last hurrah, this weekend.

We visited Chili’s yesterday, and are going to stay at the Marriott this week, putting our membership to use, for the first time.

I’m leaving things, people, friends behind, but I’ll be gaining new ones.

It’s the end of an era, in my short life. A new chapter beckons and begins.

And, even though my nerves say otherwise, I can’t wait.


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