The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Will dumping a bucket full of water cure people of ALS? #ALSIceBucketChallenge

No. Absolutely not.

Will saving the water to be poured, a minimum of two litres, much more than that, times the thousands of people who are perfuming this ridiculous ‘challenge’, save starving, thirsty people?

Yes, it definitely will.

I am utterly shocked at the gall of the world, wasting away clean, purified water, which they may not consider a blessing. People who don’t even know what ALS is, what it does to those who develop it, are posing as supporting the cause, just because it is making the rounds of the internet.

I remember two years ago, when even the most urban areas of India had a water storage. We didn’t have water to drink, let alone bathe, for an entire month. We still have a shortages once every couple of months, and guaranteed in the summer. Let’s not even talk about Africa.

Shame on the people, especially the celebrities, who are role models for so many children, wasting away precious water that needs to be saved.

The working class citizens of this generation, and the next, are being taught by their predecessors that wasting water is a fun thing.

If you want to support a cause, do it the right way. If you want to share it with other people, do it in a creative way. You could write a simple line tagged with a hashtag to show your support. All this propaganda is utterly ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

I feel embarrassed and shameful that even though we call ourselves the most superior, in matters of the brain, such a no-brainer is difficult for us to process.


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