The two Americans who were infected with Ebola in Africa, and brought back to America for treatment, have been released from the hospital in Georgia and have been declared cured.

I’m feeling extremely relieved at this news. While, yes, the virus is still spreading in Africa, this is the hope that the world needs, that you can get back on your feet after the infection of this deadly virus.

Thank God. It’s science people, not magic.

Now, onto a lighter piece of news.

I got my official Newcastle University email id! That is so totally rad. The application the University uses is the Outlook Web App, which again, calls for a change of software. First, it was my operating system, now it’s the email application. But, that just means I’ll learn something new, and that’s the fun part. 😀

I also purchased my Fresher’s Week wristband. There are going to be tons of exciting activities throughout the week, and I’m just so ready to get there! Though, the occasional nervous ball of energy does emerge up in my stomach.

I’ve also downloaded a countdown app on my phone, and as of today, it’s 24 days to go!



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