accommodation · UCAS · UK


So, I just brought one of my suitcases out from storage, and the things that I’m taking for sure, and which are making a clutter in my room, have found themselves in it.

There’s my skull decal, a wall hanging, my go-to purse, umbrella, MacBook Air power cord, a pen holder, my tiara, and a sparkling glitter-clad ice-skate Christmas ornament I bought from Canada. And a purple Walmart bag underneath. 
Right now, most of the items are decorations of some sort, to make my room over there feel more homey. But, I’ll probably be filling this suitcase with my all clothes. 
This time, in 5 weeks, I’ll be in Newcastle, enjoying the International Welcome Week. AAAH! 😀
Due to me entering the University via Clearing, my accommodation hasn’t been allotted yet, though I’m pretty sure I’m the first one through Clearing. Hopefully, I would have secured my room by September first week, at the latest. And, if luck does play a role, I’ll get the accommodation of my choice. 🙂

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