The Ebola HF virus has said to have killed 729 people, and counting. The CDC has raised the travel alert in the affected area from Level 2 to 3.

2 Americans infected by the virus are travelling back to their homeland, with the help of the CDC, which isn’t much bothered of the virus spreading once the two people are back on American soil, because according to them, while Ebola is “aggressively infectious, it’s not highly contagious.” And the doctors at the hospital they’re being transferred to, have all the equipment necessary for stopping the virus from spreading. That’s a relief and eases my mind quite a bit.

I’ve been highly alerted by this news, because the spreading of a deadly virus is never something to be taken lightly. But maybe it’s more because of me feeling kind of under the weather, with a stuffed nose and a sore throat, and my mother being sick as well.

On the bright side, my sister was sick with a one-day flu that has been going around here, and is all better now, since not feeling well 3 days prior. Even my mother is feeling better. Seems I’m next in line. Sigh.


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