Aaand I coloured my hair. 🙂

Just the tips of my hair in the lowest layer. It was supposed to be magenta, but it turned out to be an orangish-pink. Hehe. It looks good though.

Clothes shopping is done, and I’m taking a big list to the stationary store next week. It’s all coming together. Though, I haven’t received my accommodation offer yet. And I wrote an email to the International Office on Monday, and they still haven’t replied. I hope that isn’t a preview of what’s to come. That would be bad.

And for the greatest news of all… I’m getting a 13′ MacBook Air! Yay! With the student discounts everywhere, I’m getting it at an affordable sum, and not the crazy, way-too-high, price. 😀

Exactly a month and a half left from this date.

I can’t wait!


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