Shopper’s Stop

So, after the pre-deaprture briefing, we went to Shopper’s Stop where a sale was ongoing.

50% off on all accessories, so that is where we headed, and the Lakme booth.

I got these gorgeous necklaces.

This pack of hair ties and a clip.
And, products from Lakme. I’ve started dabbling in makeup a bit, not much, but when we go out and stuff, and I got some new things to try out. 
The first item is the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, then the Lakmé Clean Up Face Wash, 
and the Lakmé Absolute Foundation Brush. 

I’ve been searching for a sketch pen type eyeliner for ages, since, the liquid eyeliner I 
have is by application via wand, and that just gets messy. I like to try new face 
washes, to find the one that suits my skin, and the brush to properly apply the 
concealer I got. Heh.

I just had a look at the Students’ Union Building, and even if it looks old on the outside,
 it is super amazing on the inside! It even has 2 basement levels! And, I’ve decided to 
join the A Capella Society, the Baking one, the Photographic, and the Chess. And 
maybe a Dance one. 😀


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