It was Movie Season this summer.

I don’t normally get to watch movies, so in this holiday, I watched tons. 🙂

Pitch Perfect was definitely my favourite one, and I’ve been a fan of a capella since I started watching Glee. The Warblers introduction to the audience was amazing, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream belted out flawlessly. Since that moment I was hooked onto the idea of making music with your mouth. And the best thing of all, Newcastle has it’s own a capella society! Eek!

And then the movies I remember watching are –
How To Train Your Dragon 2
Mean Girls (At a sleepover)
Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer Lawrence was, as always, fab)
Her (Kind of wacky)
Letter To Juliet (I loved it)
Moulin Rouge (I was a blubbering mess at the end)
Bridesmaids (This one gave me the feels)
21 and Over (Because of Skylar Astin)
The Breakfast Club [via p(squared)]
Beauty and the Beast (Because I love Disney :D)

And even a Hindi one! – Ram Leela
I don’t watch Hindi movies much, because, in my opinion, 90% of them have the same, predictable outlines, with just a bit of variations. It drives me crazy. And are a copy of the English versions.

I’m pretty sure I watched more, but I can’t remember those.

And I’ve been enjoying Once Upon A Time immensely. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas’s baby’s name is Oliver! Fits right into the story books theme.

I’m scouring the internet for more to watch as I blog.


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