On Track

My visa appointment is tomorrow.

Yesterday, I went to my counselor’s office to get all the documents sorted and book the appointment. She also conducted a mock interview, in which, according to her, I did excellent.

So, the final test is tomorrow. The last leg of the whole application journey. But, I feel pretty good about it.

What more?

I really haven’t been doing anything these last two weeks. I haven’t even got this week’s video up. No inspiration has struck for one.

Though, I have been getting back into my habit of reading. I miss the bookworm-ish part of me that just dissolved away in the last 5 years, my teenage years, to be exact. But I can feel it resurfacing and that’s awesome. I read 6 books in the last 4 weeks. 🙂

I’m kind of just sit around and read, or watch T.V., or surf Newcastle’s website. Eh.


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