Now, I’m excitedly impatient. I can’t wait to get to Newcastle and study the subject I love. I’m going to ENGLAND! Woot Woot! 😀

Anyway, I didn’t write about the double birthday party that happened on Saturday.
The first photo is the cake that we hadn’t ordered. I’d asked for a square base, the small balls of fondant were falling off, and the top was clearly slanting. And to top it all off, they didn’t even write the message Happy Birthday anywhere, which is common sense while decorating a cake. 
The photo on the right is where we made some quick additions. We grated chocolate on top, and added a white chocolate structure form a cake that we’d bought in the morning. At least, that one looks like it’s been decorated fully.
The bottom layer was a lemon one, and the top one was a vanilla one. Both of them were so sweet that you could develop diabetes instantly, or go into a diabetic shock. It was sugary, sugary sweet, and just not how cake should be. The bottom layer had 2 layers of icing, and the top one, 4. Four! Imagine that kind of revolting sweetness which you just can’t put in your mouth.
So, that one was a fail.
But other than that, the whole party was a blast. Both, my sister and father, had a lot of fun, and the rest of the menu was excellent. She’s dressed up as a princess, so when my mother went to buy her a tiara, naturally, I told her that I wanted one, too. It’s gorgeous. I’ve featured it in my latest video.
Coming to the video bit, I made one of all the interesting things I bought in the summer. There’s a candle, flowers, clothes and other bits and bobs. I got two (two!) comments from girls who live abroad on this video, making a total of 3 comments on my videos from international people. I feel awesome. 😀

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