I finally read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

And I loved it! I’d already picked up the book a couple of times over the years, but quickly lost interest. Why, I have no clue. So, with gusto, I read the second one, and now I’m hungering for the 3rd one. Alas, my sister borrowed them from her friend and until she finishes both of them I’m not going to get the next one. :/ 
I also cleaned out my art drawer, which was an absolute mess, but found quite a few knick-knacks and got the urge to paint a bit, so using my beloved acrylic paints, I painted thus.

Yeah, it’s not anything great, but I had fun. 🙂
Admission to my local college has been secured, and I start attending lectures tomorrow. UCAS Clearing doesn’t go online till the 7th of July, so I’m pretty much stuck until then.
It’s also my sister’s 13th and father’s 50th birthday on this coming Saturday, and I just gave the cake order for a 1.5 kg vanilla + lemon blueberry 2 tiered cake and it’s going to be gorgeous! I can’t wait. Cake is the one foodstuff that I can eat anytime, anywhere.  

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