I got my Visa! *happy dance* Which reminds me, I bought a new hula hoop for a bit more cardio fitness in the evenings. Aerobics is still in full force, but the hoop specifically focuses on the belly area. No need to say more. 😛 Anyways, my passport and documements were delivered this afternoon, just… Continue reading Dancing



It was Movie Season this summer. I don’t normally get to watch movies, so in this holiday, I watched tons. 🙂 Pitch Perfect was definitely my favourite one, and I’ve been a fan of a capella since I started watching Glee. The Warblers introduction to the audience was amazing, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream belted out… Continue reading Movies



Done with my visa application. The interview was good, though the interviewer kept whistling and singing songs and looking out the window. I don’t know what was up with that. It takes about 3 weeks for the visa to arrive. Unlike the US visa application, where they tell you immediately whether or not you’ve got… Continue reading Line


On Track

My visa appointment is tomorrow. Yesterday, I went to my counselor’s office to get all the documents sorted and book the appointment. She also conducted a mock interview, in which, according to her, I did excellent. So, the final test is tomorrow. The last leg of the whole application journey. But, I feel pretty good… Continue reading On Track