Applications to both Newcastle University and my local college have been sent. I find out if I got in, in the next week.

The decision to be made is doing my head in.

I researched Newcastle extensively, as I research everything I have an interest in, naturally. And what I found out is that Newcastle might actually be a pretty good fit for me. I was highly surprised at that.

The course I’ve applied for, Biomedical Genetics is comprehensive and overall, very exciting, in terms of what I want to study. As it’s a majorly research led university, the course is based on the latest developments happening in that field. The ranking is pretty high and also, they have their own Human Genetics Institute! I seriously have no idea how I missed this and why I didn’t apply to this university in the first place.

Besides mulling over the decision that will affect my entire life profoundly, my family and myself took a little 2 day trip to a nearby hill-station and it was amazing.

We stayed here.

We visited one of the most famous jam and jelly factories in the country and had a delicious Fresh Strawberries with Cream dessert.

We went boating on the local lake and shopped in the market. Tandoori chicken, fried rice and a sizzling chocolate brownie made up dinner.

It was perfectly the thing I needed to relax and forget about the constant pressure I’ve carrying around for weeks now.
I’m actually currently exporting my new video, and my editor just keeps on crashing, and writing this in the meantime. It’s been about a total of 5 hours, including filming and editing. I’ve recorded my Sims 3 gameplay and I’m so excited it upload it! It’s something new and I love to play computer games, so it’s a win-win.

Oh, and I’m going to dye the tips of my hair hot pink. 
Update: I’ve finally uploaded my Sims 3 video which took ages (180 minutes) and it has 1 view since the time it went out in the internet universe, which was about 24 hours ago. 
Seems like watching me play a game isn’t interesting. I kind of already figured that, but, hey, it is something I do on a daily basis, so it’s a part of my not-so-happening life.
And, I like to watch, and enjoy, Alfie Deyes’s gaming channel, so I thought why not give it a go.
Thus were born Aurora Riley and Jason Avery.

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