The PYC Beauty Pageant 2014

What a night!

We arrived at the club at 11 in the morning, and after practicing a bit on the ramp, we had lunch and were whisked away for hair and makeup. In the time between waiting for our turn at the table, we practiced our introductions, clicked photos, and roamed around, mostly going to the washroom. 😛

Everyone had their hair beautifully styled, and each girl was looking flawless and gorgeous. It was a beautiful pre-start to the pageant.

By 5 we were getting dressed, and you could visibly see the tension in the room, some pacing nervously, some sitting down, tapping their foot.

By 6 we were backstage, all glamed up and charged, and ready to go. We had donned black slacks, black crop tops, and shimmering dupatta’s were wrapped around us as a modern, half-saris. I had a peacock blue one on.

The first sequence definitely helped to ease our nerves, and it also helped that when I came on stage, there was a lot of hooting and hollering. Since I was Contestant Number One, I was the first one to go up and introduce myself. After a bit of a pause, which lasted about 2 seconds in the middle of my speech, I recovered quickly and before I knew it, I was done and back in position. Everyone got their bit of spotlight on the head ramp and it was used wisely and with confidence.

We had about half an hour for our next sequence, so we had a little time to relax. The Ladies’ round, the boys’ round and a dance filled up the time in between.

This time, I was the first to go on stage, and this sequence was my favourite one. Attired in cocktail dresses ranging from casual to formal, I was in a dark blue one with a netted black pattern on the top and a flowing tail. It wasn’t the best choice, but after scouring the whole city, literally, for one, it was the best I could do. After all the girls were on stage, they announced the top 10, and to my surprise, I was selected! Didn’t matter that I was the last one.

I was the first to answer the on-the-spot question from the judges, and I was asked what my weakness was. I gave the answer I had practiced, three sentences, and crisp. But, I guess some of the judges and the audience didn’t hear me right, and thought I was speaking about my strength. That’s the problem with a country who doesn’t fully understand the global language. But, I digress.

The questions were answered, and now back in the green room, we put on our black dresses that would show off the jewellery of the company that had sponsored the entire event, Marathe Jewellers. And, it was fabulous! Each and every set. My neck piece was on the heavier side, with a huge pendant, based on the peacock. With real feathers embedded in the diamonds and sapphires and emeralds, it was the costliest thing I have ever worn. It was beautiful.

I fumbled a little on stage this time, because I had a partner and we’d practiced only three times. But, once everyone was on stage, we looked stunning.

The final five were called forward, and were given a common question with 1 minute to write it down and then answer it. It was a brilliant question, Every girl wants a man with a heart of gold, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. What do you think? Everyone gave superb answers, and now we waited with anticipation for the results.

With another break, we were now desperate for the answers. But first, there were other prizes given from other sponsors, with titles bearing Best Eyes, Best Smile, Best Skin, Best Hair and Best Figure. The ones who won were rightfully deserving of it.

And the moment we had all been waiting for, arrived. The crown, the tiara, was bestowed upon a very good friend I’d made in the course of the last week, and she was all radiance and smiles. Everyone cheered, because she was the one taking away the title she proved herself absolutely worthy of.

All in all, it was a tremendously memorable night which ended with a fabulous bang.


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