So, I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time, and since I’m a sucker for fairy tales and Disney, I was, unsurprisingly, hooked from the very first episode. And I have no idea why, but it made me question how my dream world would be like. The circumstances in the show are far from dreamy, but I made a video about it. 😛

I am struggling like crazy to come up with video ideas, and since no one is commenting on them yet, I’m still in a stump. But, I’ve gained two more subscribers now, making 3 in total. One of them is my sister, so I don’t know if that counts or not.

I’ve also been shopping and have brought 3 cute tops, a shorts from M&S, a wallet, a vanilla scented candle and printed paper napkins. Oh, and two pairs of slippers for home use, both of which are uncomfortable. I’m hanging onto my old ones, which I brought 4 years ago, by their last treads. Those are the most comfortable ones I’ve owned till now. I’ve searched high and low for a pair like those, but to no avail.

I ate the best macaroni and cheese the other day, in between shopping, and a caramel frappe. Who knew something could be so delicious?
Results have been postponed to 4th June, then 2nd June, and now 30th May.
My best friend has secured a place in a renowned college, and the spot is hers if she wants it. But she’s still waiting for her medical entrance results before making her decision. I’m so proud of her!
Lady Luck, I hope you’re listening, because I really need some of your magic to make my dreams come true.


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