How I Pined After Aunt Robin

So, I just finished watching the series finale of how i met your mother.

I have only three words to say: WHAT THE FUDGE?!

That was the most disappointing, irritating, annoying, #$@^#$&@%#&*#%  Finale ever. EVER!

I was in tears till the last 3 minutes of the episode. Happy tears, sad tears, overwhelming tears.

And then, his kids (KIDS!) tell Ted to call their Aunt Robin already. How inappropriate.

And I was like: WHAT? O_o

The story comes back to the first episode, with Ted still pining over Robin. Even after marrying the most perfect women for himself, having kids, living the dream, Ted still goes back to Robin.

So, the amazingly sweet, adorable, quirky, nerdy Mother (Tracy!) was just the second-best? The importance of the final character in the story, the character everyone had been waiting for, was absolutely dismissed. The mother was just a substitute. I hated that.

Tweets rightly described how the series should have been called ‘How I Settled For Second Best’ or ‘How I Met Your (Step) Mother’ or ‘How I Ended Up With Aunt Robin’.

9 years of the characters evolving was nothing but a waste. They ended back at square one, only now Ted has the kids he wants, and also Robin, the woman he just couldn’t get over. That was a disgrace to the memory of The Mother.

After the whole thing, the only thought going through my head was, “I feel like I just found out that my favourite love song was written about a sandwich.”


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