The Divergent Trilogy: My Thoughts

So, I first read Divergent as soon as it was out, and I liked it. Not like The Hunger Games, but I was definitely intrigued by the story line. The main thing that was different in this dystopia story, was that there was no ruling party at the beginning of the story. All the groups made, i.e. the factions, contributed equally to society and to an extent, lived in harmony.

I loved the concept of the factions, each having their own set of principles they followed by, their manifestos, and how each of them were good in one way and not-so-good in some others.

The story is about the life of Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, and how she, well, eventually, makes her dystopian world, which really isn’t all that different from ours, a better place.

She changes her faction from Abnegation, in which she was born, to Dauntless on her Choosing Day Ceremony. The factions can be said to be total opposites, Abnegation – quiet and Dauntless – raucous. Abnegation strived to perfect selflessness, while Dauntless believed in controlling your fears; to become fearless.

Diveregent tells about Tris’s initiation into Dauntless, the troubles she faced, the fears she overcame to finally become a Dauntless member. About how she always felt different, pulled on one side by the call of Dauntless and it’s loud life, and on the other by Abnegation, with all the values she had grew up with.

Insurgent is about the war Erudite, one of the factions, rages over Abnegation, essentially the peace-keeping government,  for the purpose of gaining some important information and retaining it, so that it wouldn’t be released to the city. The truth that changed the whole dynamic of the story.

Allegiant describes about life beyond the fence, where Tris learns that her whole city is an experiment to restore the pure genes of all the people which were destroyed in the Purity War. The factionless have gained power in the city, and the factions disbanded, in order to make everyone equal. The Genetic Bureau, where Tris and her friends live outside the city, are the masterminds of the plan to convert the ‘genetically damaged’ into the ‘genetically pure’. And the reason I wholly liked the book is that, Veronica Roth knew when her main character had reached her end. She did not prolong her life further than it should have been, and that was one of things I truly liked about the series. I can only imagine how difficult that decision was for her, because I, as a reader, felt the loss about the character she has so lovingly created.

I loved the evolution of Tris, how, while she got an aptitude for Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless, which was why she was called Divergent, she did not think the way of only one faction, but like all three. Tris is one of the only few characters which I have read who has changed in her ideals, grown up, and for the good. Sure, the 16 year old was prone to her bouts of weakness and indecision, but as a whole, she is bravest character I know, and I loved the way Roth has portrayed her.

It was a pleasure reading the books, and I rate the whole series a 4 out of 5.


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