The Final Leg

1 paper left. Biology.

That’s it. Oh my God!

Maths was really easy, so I think I’ll get a 70. 🙂

Chemistry though, it was quite good, but the 2nd section was a bit loopy. Meaning, the questions which had a high probability of being asked, weren’t, and crazy questions to which you don’t even pay attention to were asked. But Section I was awesome. All in all, a good paper.

And now Biology on Monday, and then the longest vacation of my life begins. Eep!

The first thing on the list is starting my vlog on YouTube. ’25 Things I’m Going To Do In The Summer’ is going to be my first video.

And then I have a whole list of things to do.

I also confirmed my choices on UCAS.

It feels so real finally seeing this.


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