No Idea

So, I had no idea that a degree like Biomedical Science existed. I had such a hard time deciding between doing research or practicing medicine, that I changed my mind at least a dozen times per day.

And now to find out, after sending in my application, that I can have the best of both worlds? It was like,  oh shit, that can happen! It was like, not to exaggerate, but seriously like a dream come true.

So, I’ve emailed Sheffield asking whether I can change my course. Fingers crossed and let’s see.

And it was a major surprise when my counselor said that she’ll let them know without any problems. She even talked to QMUL and got me an offer they had previously rejected due to incorrect information about my subjects, which was, well, their fault.

So right now, I’m hoping that they do have place in the Biomedical Science course and that they give me an offer for it. The idea is to get my Bachelor’s in that course, and then do a Masters in genetics. But I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed if I don’t get it. Cause I’d decided on genetics since quite a while now and I’d be excited to do that too.

Here’s to dreams coming true.


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