drama · growing up · music

A Proud Gleek

My friend introduced me to Glee when I was in the 8th Grade but, at that time, it was too full of drama and songs, and just not for me.

This year, just after Cory Montieth’s death was broadcast on the internet, I realized that I had seen this guy somewhere. Googling him, I found out that I had, on that one lone episode I had seen with my friend. How I remembered him, from the corner of the brain where we store all the useless stuff, I really don’t know.

It may have just been a blessing in disguise.

From downloading and watching the first episode, I was hooked. Even though the high school life they show is not even remotely close to the scene here, the problems and insecurities so truly are.

The character’s all go through their periods of self doubt, vulnerability, depression, addiction and the only thing that gives the hope to wake up everyday is their music. It’s the same for me. With the expectations, back-mouthing, stink-eyes, and all those responsibilities that fall upon you when you’re on the threshold of adulthood, with one step firmly in the +18 zone and the other one already quite a bit away from bubble of childhood, I can always count on music uplifting my mood.

Music has helped and is helping me through everything in my life since life showed me that the world is not as happy place a place that you were led to believe. Through the sorrowful and the ecstatic, there is at least one song that reflects my emotions astutely, and holds the hope that I’m not alone.

And for that, I’m glad.


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