Quasi-employee ^_^

I’m officially volunteering for an organisation which teaches English in India through etymology education.

Logophilia Pvt. Ltd. is one heck of a group of people who make learning English so fun and so unbelievably interesting.

I’m currently making a blog about words derived from Greek Mythology. That’s my primary project. As I’ve mentioned in my profile, I love Greek Mythology. It’s a win-win situation for me.

I’ve got to find the words, their meanings and illustrate them. It’s quite a bit of work, but seeing as how I’m going to love doing it, it’s no burden at all.

My tertiary project is to get a certain number of likes on their Facebook page. Which is easy.

I’m so psyched! (Ironically, psych is a Greek word which means ‘the soul’.)

In between studies, when I get a break, I’m going to be doing this. Productive and terribly exciting.

I’m a Content Coordinator. *ahem ahem*


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