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Offer Numero Uno

I received my first offer yesterday!


I am so ecstatic!

The University of Leeds has accepted my application to their university, provided that I meet all the requirements of their conditional offer. Which are most definitely achievable.

: D

Till now, it was I am going to go to UK. Now, it’s I’m going to UK.

Normally, offers come in late January or February. That’s why I was so wholly surprised when I logged into UCAS Track and saw that instead of “no universities out of your 5 have replied to your offers”, it was “1 out of your 5 universities has replied.”

My heart was beating so fast! I was surprised that my friends who were talking casually in front of me couldn’t hear it.

My breath was like whoosh, and then I was hyperventilating.

That moment was awesome. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Offer Numero Uno

  1. Thats down,four to go…I am sure you would get into your preferred one.Just study hard and give them the grades they need.I am already looking into flights via London.
    All the best.


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