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The Written Word

I don’t understand how people find writing letters, essays, opinions a hardship.

I’ve loved reading and writing in the English language since forever. The way my favourite authors twist sentences and phrases, the amount of emotions they convey through a few simple words leaves me breathless. And the chance when I get to write a piece of report, even if it may be for school, I genuinely write with my heart. Except when the topic is boring. Like politics or the ‘How can eradicate whatever?’ questions. Give me a challenging, interesting topic and I can go on and on.

Marathi and Hindi are home turf, so even though they’re difficult, it’s never been quite a problem.

I’ve also been studying German since Grade 8 and I’ve been loving it too, so far. Yeah, it can be taxing, and you get frustrated when you can’t find the word your mind is grasping for, but the satisfaction when you get it right is absolutely amazing. I’m not a very verbose person and the written alphabets are the way I reveal myself. Even though I don’t write poetry (after a few not-so-successful attempts), writing an essay or a short story never drives me into irritation or scornfulness.

Languages are beautiful things, each having their own silent rhythm that only the people adoring them can understand. When I see that I’ve expressed my emotions, feelings, and all that we think of in our minds; that I’ve put words to essentially imaginary things and have been able to get it down on paper, is truly satisfying. The memories put a smile to my face every time. Like, yes, that was one of my best pieces of work. The sense of accomplishment is profound.


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