Step II: Filling Out and Sending the Application

So now that my choices are confirmed, I just have to log into the UCAS website and start filling out my form.

There are the basic details: name, age, address, plus our qualifications. I also gave my IELTS and received a score of 8 Band. Pretty cool, if I say so myself.

Unfortunately, since we were taking the help of a company consulting in overseas education, they made quite a few mistakes in the application. My 12th subjects weren’t entered properly, so I’m going to have to send an email to them. Also, my IELTS results weren’t attached.

Should have done the application ourselves. Bummer.

I go over everything, but I still miss those details.

Oh, and the Personal Statement. That is possibly the most important section of the application. In 47 lines of text (or 4000 words), you have to express why you want to study that particular subject and write a little about yourself. I hemmed and hawed, and after around 10 drafts, I got it right. Unfortunately, again, my counselor said my 41 lines were too much (!) and cut off a few. So, it came upto 36. Not being quite sure, though I had read the rules countless times, I agreed with her. And when posting in the statement, surprise surprise, I had a whole of 11 lines left. 11! Anyway, I read it over once, and didn’t think it needed any more addition at that time, so I gave it the go ahead. Cross my fingers and hope that nothing goes awry.

For having done this for many years, you’d think they know what they were doing. Sigh.

After a payment, the application was sent.



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